Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is a Great Time for a TuneUp!

It's June already and in the past I've mentioned that every 6 months it's a good idea to give your Macintosh computer a TuneUp. With the heat of the summer, it can take a toll on your Mac and wear out your hard drive. If that happens, it makes it difficult to recover your Important Files, especially if you don't have a Backup in place. Also, as you are using your Mac and you are getting the Spinning Beach Ball increasingly more often, that's a sign that your hard drive is working too hard searching for all the bits of data to put together in order to bring it up on the screen. At the same time, there can be flaws in certain Applications that can also contribute to the dreaded Spinning Beach Ball which can be corrected. Part of the TuneUp process that I perform includes making sure your Applications are Up-To-Date in addition to correcting internal System Code. If you would like a TuneUp done on your Macintosh; Contact MacMobile Services at: or call (707) 994-2886 to schedule an appointment. Stay Cool.

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