Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Re-Designed iPad 2

Announced yesterday in San Francisco, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage with the re-designed iPad 2 and comes with IOS 4.3. The first noticeable difference is that it's 33% thinner and a 10th of a pound lighter than the first Apple iPad. The iPad 2 has a Dual Core A5 processing unit that's 2 times faster and 9 times faster Graphics than the original iPad but has the same low power consumption as the A4 processor in the original iPad, which means that the battery charge will still last 10 hours, even with the faster processor. The iPad 2 has a Front and Rear camera and comes in Black or White and will work with both AT&T and Verizon carriers. Both Photo Booth and FaceTime software is included to take advantage of the new built-in cameras. The rear camera not only takes snap shots but doubles as an HD video camera which brings about the next version of iMovie, now for the iPad 2. iMovie for iPad 2 includes a Precision editor, Multitrack audio recording, New themes and AirPlay to your Apple TV. Share your videos in HD. It's a Universal application which means any project that's in iPad 2, can be transferred back to your Mac. A second Apple App for the iPad 2 will be Garage Band which includes 8 tracks of recording and Smart Instruments that helps you learn how to play an instrument. Both iMovie and Garage Band will be priced at $4.99 US each. IOS 4.3 brings better Safari browser performance, iTunes home sharing which allows access to your iTunes library on your Mac or PC to stream your music and videos to your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Better AirPlay streaming to your Apple TV 2 such as being able to view video from a web page and any App. You can use Apple TV's built-in slideshows when streaming photos from your iDevice too. There is a new Preference for the right-side iPad switch which can either act as a mute or a rotation lock switch. The last major feature in the IOS 4.3 software update is a Personal Hotspot for the iPhone 4. This will allow you to create a wireless Internet connection using your iPhone 4's 3G network for your laptop computer when there isn't a wireless Internet connection nearby. A new HDMI adapter will also be available. It will offer Mirrored Video Output which means anything that shows on the iPad screen for example, will show on the HDTV that the iPad is connected to. The HDMI adapter will support resolutions up to 1080 progressive, it'll work with all apps, will support screen rotation and no special setup or configuration is required. The HDMI adapter will cost $39.00 US.Then, there is the new covers for the iPad 2. The covers feature a magnetic hinge which grasp and auto-aligns itself to the iPad 2. Has a Micro-fiber lining underneath that cleans the iPad 2's screen, wakes the iPad 2 when lifting the cover and sleeps the iPad 2 when closed and is easy to remove or change. It comes in 10 colors, 5 colors in Polyurethane for $39.00 US and 5 colors in Leather for $69.00 US each.

The iPad 2 will be the same price as last year's iPad.

The iPad 2, IOS 4.3, iMovie and Garage Band for iPad 2,
will be available March 11th.

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